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Now you can now See The Exact
Funnel that Generated 3.5M
from selling a Product From My Room 

Carefully watch this Video till the end...

From: Joshua Mba 

Founder, &

The e-commerce business industry is exploding! In fact Online business is exploding too..

Studies are projecting that e-commerce will see a 265% growth rate in the future from 1.3 trillion dollars 2014 to 4.9 trillion Dollars in 2021, same for all other Online Business models.

Imagine that!

The question is:  Are you positioned properly for it?

Now here comes the good part...

After years of selling products (Physical and Digital) online, I finally began to make GOOD money by applying the Principle of Sales Funnels. The Amazing thing is that, I combined my design skills to craft good and suiting Professional Sales Pages for my Funnels.


This is not me trying to tell you what I learnt from a book or from another training, this is me showing you what I do and what I have helped others like you do too. I will show you all the proof soon...

Results ends arguments...

Here is the current Sales results at of September 11th of the exact product I showed you in the Video above.

, please my results is not to prove that I am super human. My team knows I am not a fan of showing numbers...

I am simply showing you this, to explain how effective it is to use Funnels and Good Sales Page designs in sales processes

In fact here is the Video

Because of You, here is what I did

I personally invested in setting up a program, A Master Program. This is not a course, in fact those who are already part of this program call it a MOVEMENT.

Yes! It's going to be the best program you've ever seen. Here is exactly what is in the Program...


Complete Funnel Tool Pack

This is a section of the program that contains all the Plugins that you will need to craft any kind of Sales Funnel and Sales Page for any Kind of Product (Physical and Digital).

The Amazing thing is that these Tool Pack is always updated with the latest version including Premium tool packs. 

This means that you will never have to pay for any of those tool again!

Example: Cartflow, Thrive Architect, Elementor Pro and many others...


Funnel Tool Pack Implementation 

This section shows you the step by step guide on how to install and use each of these tools for your sales process. This section alone is like a complete course (One FunnelHacker said this)


Funnel Hack Session

This section Reveals how you can  craft any kind of funnel for your e-commerce product, digital product or any other kind of product you will ever want to sell Online. The goal is to build you to gain mastery in crafting funnels that spills sales.


Sales Page Hack Session

This section Reveals how you can design any kind of sales page for any kind of funnel that will spill sales while providing good user experience and obeying design Principles.

Guess What...

Just being part of the WhatsApp Group Alone is an Opportunity you will never regret. Yes!

We have facebook ads experts, copywriter and of course internet Millionaires in the group that are constantly assisting anyone at any level in their sales journey.


Don't take my word for it, let me show you few snap shots

Let me be more detailed...

1. I will show you how to single handedly craft any kind of funnel for any product and service while implementing all professional nutrients that will make it spill cash. – Worths $150

2. I will teach you everything you need to know on how to take your funnel script and design it into a realistic page sequence – Worths $150

3. I will hand over to you, all the tools you need to craft any kind of funnel and implement any kind of Sales Page design you will ever want to. Worths $700.  it includes – cartflow Pro ($299), Thrive Architect Pack ($67) e.t.c

4. You will gain access to Community Group – Worth is Priceless

5. I will grant you access to All Premium Webinars that I hold for FunnelHackers every month – Worth  is Over $120

6. , you will gain access to site for 30 days with exclusive access to untold secrets. I literally can't tell you here. The worth is Pricessless.

7. If you take action Now, you will join our $7500 Challenge and Most probably win the Prize of the Challenge. – Worth is Priceless

8. Stand a chance to have a  personal connection with me and learn directly from Me – Worth is Priceless

9. If you take action Now you will stand a chance of being among the First FunnelHackers that will be listed on the First Nigerian FunnelHackers society. And of course You will stand a chance of meeting numerous clients. Worth is Priceless

10. I revealed the exact strategy I use to run my Facebook ADs. Worth - $85

11. Also, the Next 5 persons will get My winning LEADS Generation Sales page design Template that you can Plug and Play immediately – Value: $75

12. For the Next Person to Send in their payment, you will get also my Web Design Without Coding Course – Worth $30

This will be the greatest Investment you will ever make this Year!

The Total value of this Program is $1,200

But You will Get it today for $200 

The Next 5 persons Will Pay $57 

3 out of 5 Slot Taken

Want testimonials...? Here it is

I just want to see you make Massive Sales and live a happier life. Jumping from one course to the other might not be the best option, but here is the best community, program that will take you in a Journey of Rain of Sales on any product you lay your hands on.

This is everything you need for your Next big sales. See you inside the community.

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