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This Challenge is for those who want to bank $14,000 or ₦5,000,000 in their account selling out products, services, skills. If  this is NOT for you, then you can exit this page

From: Joshua Mba 

Founder, &

No matter how Good your product(s) and offer(s) is, if you can't build a Good Sales Process for it, you won't cash out BIG!


Reading all those books and paying for all those courses might not be your perfect solution... let me guess...

You've paid for many of those courses and right now you know you have not smashed that big SALES Record, just like Amara.

Spent thousands on trainings and courses but still haven't smashed that big result.

She participated in my 30 Days sales Hack Challenge and banked Millions in sales. 

So, here is the exactly what I want to help you achieve in the fastest possible time:

BANK $14,000 / ₦5,000,000

This is NO way any shed of Big promise to increase your taste for the challenge. This is what I am going to spend my time working hard to make sure you bank this result.

Here is exactly What I Have stacked for you:

  • A well structured daily To-Dos from selecting a Product, preparing it for sales, developing and designing a sales process for it and launching your sales 
  • A Line Up of Experts in Sales will come to teach you Hot strategies within 30 Days
  • I will provide you expert Strategies that you can use to roll out the best Product and beat any competition.
  • Help you Model your Product of Choice as a Million Naira Product
  • Walk you through building your Sales Funnel and Lock-In protocol
  • Provide a Competitive environment of Business owners like you for you to draw energy and Smash that Result 
  • Provide you a collaborative team to help you achieve this sales Goal
  • A regular LIVE Question and Answer session for your product Sales
  • Complete Sales Hack Program
  • Of Course a Reward for the Highest Earner

Did you read all that?

Yes! That's exactly what I will doing with you. I assure you that this is the exact breakthrough you've dreamed off

The Truth?

I would have done it FREE because I really want to help you this time. So instead of compounding the cost, time and effort it will take me to get you this sales record, I will just make it free of charge.

Yes it is...

But we both know that Once something is Free the LAW of diminishing return will Crip in.

Yes it will, so you will make a Little Commitment for it...


Paying 150,000 for this, could be a perfect Subsidized pricing point. But, instead of making it complete FREE, you will have to make a commitment payment of N20,000.



I can't stress that this amount is nothing close to the result. The main thing is that both of us are going to work together to print this result and more.

Well here are some of my results

But you have to Promise me...

That you will commit to the Work to smash this result.

(Early Bird) CLOSED  - Others N8,500

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N7, 500(early bird) || N8,500  one time Payment for 30 Days to bank 5M

Another Truth?

This Sales Hack + 5 million Challenge is not for the public, it is usually for the members but it is open for everyone this time. Joining the Club will grant you PREMIUM opportunity with Top Internet marketers in Nigeria and beyond Nigeria, consider joining the club afterwards

About Me:

My name is Joshua Mba. I am the founder of ANGELIC TEQ IDEAS (RC: 2614944), a tech based business. Amongst other creative innovations and products that I have rolled out to the public, in 2020, August I decided to bring in a long lasting solution to the sales process of internet businesses in Nigeria.

I have consistently sold products (e-commerce) and digital products for Nigerians and non-Nigerians, but I discovered that a lot of Nigerian businesses are still struggling will selling out their products and services online.

In fact many of them just jump on insta-builder, thrive, elementor, design sales pages and immediate start running ads. This revealed that the Nigerian eco-system was not matching up with the sales standard and as well suffered great loss.

Though it may sound silly, but obviously many couldn't deploy proper sales process to get the best results for their labour. 

I built Funnelhackers club as a complete solution to this problem.  Click here to find out more: is a community of Internet Marketers and individuals who are committed to take their products and services which could be physical or digital to another level of sales by implementing expert funnels and professional Sales Page Design to expotentially increase their sales record.

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