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Even When All Ads Fails, this will Get you Massive Sales!

Everything you will ever need to craft
Leads Funnels, Generate Leads like a Ninja
and milk sales from same Leads forever.

This exact Program is only for you if you're willing to Master How to Build Lead Funnels that will make People Rush to submit their emails and then you sit back and milk out sales from them without having to depend always on Facebook ads or any kind of social media Platforms forever. 

Another Ban is Coming...
and YOU Might Lose Your Business

I know you could not escape Facebook Ads Ban & Low conversion! In fact, Mark Zucker... got your ads account banned or dropped your conversion every single time you seem to make a head way with sales.

Don't run Facebook ads? Twitter ban got you if you're in Nigeria.

From: Joshua Mba

Enugu, Nigeria

My name is Joshua Mba, and I'm part of an underground group of Digital Entrepreneurs called Funnelhackers.

Over the past 1 Year, we have consistently paid attention to building expert sales process called funnels that has produced & still producing high conversion for different product from: e-commerce, digital Products and affiliate products.

Between August 2020 - December 2020  We recorded sales of over 100 Million Naira from Members of the Funnelhackers club.

And because, I  have spent a lot of time mastering the best way to build an audience off social media platforms and have them generate a lot of sales for me, I understand it more when Facebook ads keeps reducing conversion of sales.

This is How I achieve this...

Firstly, I create a Hook. I get to prepare a nice attraction food that will get my dream customers on social media or any other platform and transit them to my website.

Secondly, I will keep them engaged a little bit and then offer them something they need immediately in exchange for their personal details.

Thirdly, I compile them on a Marketing software and then handle all sales protocol directly from there . [The Sales Magnet pot]

PS: The Problem is getting your real dream customers and then getting them to pay for your main offer every time you launch them.

It's simple…

You just have to move your dream customers from someone else's platform to YOUR OWN PLATFORM AND SELL to them over and over and over and over again MASSIVELY. That's it!

That way, you have no fears about a ban or any other thing policy that hits the marketing.

Here is How to Go about it...

The Best Training you will need to gain this mastery

This training comes with everything you'd be needing to begin your Cash Spilling EMAIL MARKETING journey and scale.

Trust me, you won't be needing any other training after this. You're not only signing up for the master class...

Here is What I Prepared for you...

  • How to build High Converting Lead Magnet Funnel - The Chief FunnelHackers Sauce
  • Live Lead Funnel Design Sprint, Hack and Debug session - The Secret Code
  • Email Script and Template to unlock the steady flow of Sales - The Rangers Act
  • Complete Funnelhacker checklist to List building and Fast deployment - Hardcore Sheet
  • First 1,000 Lead Generation Challenge - The execution Master Plan
  • All the software and tools to use through the process - The Escape Tool
  • How to Use 2 and 3 Step lead funnels THE RIGHT WAY
  •  How to Boost conversions with ‘fascinations’ and bullets
  • How to Generate UNLIMITED IDEAS for your lead magnets and ‘freemiums’
  • ...and lots more insider Bonus

More Hot Bonus

Of course, you will get the Cetificate of Lead Funnelhacker

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Imagine, My years of building out Funnels

Spent most of time, taking out winning Funnels, modelling them and executive hack sprint to discover how best it works for different products, audience and price points.

You're not just getting a random Training, but a compilation of experience, hard work and serious result printing.

Perfect Leads Generation (emails) + Email Management = Sales Rain

Don't take just My words...

Spent most of time, taking out winning Funnels, modelling them and executive hack sprint to discover how best it works for different case scenario.

You're not just getting a random Training, but a compilation of experience, hard work and serious result printing.

Here is Chris Ani Words about my Trainings

Quazeem Amuda Words about my Trainings

I have over 100+ Raw Testimonials to show you,
but just answer this question before I continue...

If I have Lead funnel that will help me generate 5,000 emails of my dream customers and an email script & template to groom them and generate sales at least 20-39% conversion consistently without spending money repeatedly on Paid ads, would that improve my business massively?

If your Answer is Yes... Then Click this button below with the assurance that you're about getting more than that today.

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  1. I will personally welcome you and grant you access through the onboard process as a VIP you're.
  2. I will send you the Handbook that contain the instructions to access your course aread is a community of Internet Marketers and individuals who are committed to take their products and services which could be physical or digital to another level of sales by implementing expert funnels and professional Sales Page Design to expotentially increase their sales record.

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