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What to Know about the Product

This Sales System Comes with:


Complete Funnel Tool Pack

This is a section of the program that contains all the Plugins that you will need to craft any kind of Sales Funnel and Sales Page for any Kind of Product. 

The Amazing thing is that these Tool Pack is always updated with the latest version including Premium tool packs. 

This means that you will never have to pay for any of those tool again!

Example: Cartflow, Thrive Architect, Elementor Pro and many others...


Funnel Tool Pack Implementation 

This section shows you the step by step guide on how to install and use each of these tools for your sales process. This section alone is like a complete course (One Funnel Hacker said this)


Funnel Hack Session

This section Reveals how you can  craft any kind of funnel for your e-commerce product, digital product or any other kind of product you will ever want to sell Online. The goal is to build you to gain mastery in crafting funnels that spills sales.


Sales Page Hack Session

This section Reveals how you can design any kind of sales page for any kind of funnel that will spill sales while providing good user experience and obeying design Principles.


Ads Strategy Hack Session

This section Reveals how you can plan your Facebook ads and execute it with clean targeting plan, good ads creatives and right strategy to deploy.


Affiliate Marketing Mastery

This Module revealed how to start Affiliate Marketing as a newbie and use the power of sales Funnel to 10x your sales while increasing your influence and primary audience.


3 Million Challenge Sprint

This 3 Millions Challenge was a well doctored healthy challenge we embarked to raise 3 Million Naira in sales from selling max of 3 products. Everything we learnt and did was recorded for you. There is a photo of the 3 Million Challenge moments we caught on camera below


Live Sales Funnel Review and Hack

In this session, I took my students Sales Funnels that where not performing well and made correction to it. Experts in copywriting, Facebook ads and designs contributed also during this LIVE sessions


Compilation of Previous 10x Webinars

I stacked up all our Amazing and insight Webinars we had to master new sales technics and approaches just to better our sales revenue. 

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Hey fellow Affiliate Marketer

Joshua  Here

It’s hard to believe that some years back...I was struggling like most people online

I had no Source of income to my name and I had to spend sleepless nights just to understand how to sell online.
It was never an easy moment for me, got frustrated over and over with no one to help me figure it all out.

I struggled, spent the little money I had running ads but failed badly.

However, since I started with that N2,000 & a Tecno M3... I’ve never looked back.

Fast forward to today I've built my
business that have generated millions in Sales.

You Might be Familiar with A Few...

Funnelhackers Club -Members done over $500,000 (N250,000,000)

Sale Degree School - Produces Sales Expert in a 4 months program

Blockchain Hub Africa  - Smahed $1M pool of Funding from Google  etc.

Stakecut  -  Building an ultra modern Sales Distribution Solution

Well, this is not to brag...

I just want to show you that I know this game and I've successfully pulled in Massive results for myself  and clients.

If I have done it, you too can do it and pull in same or even more result by taking my own products, My high converting Funnel and generate Multiple commission for yourself.

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