5 levels of prospects awareness and the right message to send

5 levels of prospects awareness and the right message to send

5 Levels of Prospect Awareness with the right message and how best to send them.

For you to be able to sell out your products easily, you need to have a knowledge of the awareness level of the people who would be receiving your message, to know the type of sales message you’d be sending out to them. Having that will aid to get to your prospect with the right message at the right.

The way you talk to someone who hasn’t heard of your product before is not the same way you talk to someone who has used about 5 types of products that offer the same solution as yours without getting any result.

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Five levels of Prospect Awareness and what kind of Copy to write:

1. Unaware:

At this level, your prospect is neither aware of their problem nor the solution out there.

when sending your message you have to educate, demonstrate and entertain.

Your message can be indirect. You have to create awareness about the problem then introduce your product or service.

2. Problem Aware:

This is when your prospect is aware she has a problem but doesn’t know if there is a product that solves that problem.

You can be very direct with your message. Just introduce your product as the solution to your prospect’s problem. (stress pain and then introduce the benefits of your product)

3. Solution Aware:

At this level, the prospect is product aware and knows there’s a product that solves her problem but doesn’t know which works best… You’re competing with other products at this point. Simply enlarge your promises; say stuff like bigger and better, lasts longer, etc.

4: Your Solution Aware:

The market is saturated with many products and all sorts of similar promises.

Let your product stand out by using the Unique mechanism so instead of talking nonstop about the benefits and features of your products, tell your prospect about the mechanism behind your product or service that delivers the result they seek faster and better than anything she may have tried or seen.

Even if all the other products have the feature and nobody is talking about it. You need to present it as your unique mechanism.

5: Most Aware:

At this level, your prospect is aware of your solution as well as other solutions out there and has tried a few.

You have to shift from promises, benefits, and unique mechanisms to pointing out why they’ve not gotten a result while using all other products and then you show them how your product helps bring their desired results

In your marketing message, you can then introduce a special offer.

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